Swim League is a fast, team-based series of events which is all bringing competitive swimming across each state in a grassroots and participation friendly format. Uniting people of all levels and skill sets in a new type of format where it’s not about times but instead has an innovative points and scoring system, coaches have
UK-based startup TeamSportz has a straight up goal that they’re on a mission to solve. They want anyone that enjoys sport and wants to improve their performance to have access to a sophisticated bit of technology without barriers. Utilising artificial intelligence, TeamSportz has developed a way to capture a person’s performance using their phone to
Frustrated with the disparate sources of news, highlights and goals, especially the grainy vision of so many goals we used to see on YouTube. A team of guys banded together to create a football platform that centralises all of the content that they were looking, thus FOOTYLIGHT was born. The digital platform aggregates news, live

In Conversation with ECAL’s Patrick Barrett

Calendar communications and marketing platform ECAL has had a fresh injection of capital and has signposted their intention to maintain their global ambitions with key senior appointments. The company’s technology has been widely used by hundreds of clients in major sporting leagues and federations. Key to their solution is the ability to deliver hyper personalised
HYPE Sports Innovation’s first Global Virtual Accelerator is wrapping up with the ‘clubs and federations’ vertical about to announce the startups fortunate enough to produce pilots with some of the world’s most renowned clubs, franchises and sporting federations. Amir Raveh, HYPE Sports Innovation’s founder commented on what delivering this accelerator meant. “This venture proved that
Through accessible technology, Danish startup Tonsser breaks down the barriers between aspiring footballers and club recruitment. Their player app allows youth players to create a profile, monitor their performance and statistics, and use that as their own scouting tool with other players, clubs and academies. Players are rated with Tonsser’s proprietary in-house data and technology
With a love of sport and a sharp focus on delivering an innovative job search experience, Norwegian startup SportIn Global is a social recruitment platform for the sport business industry where they use artificial intelligence to match job seekers with recruiting organisations. Of course the mission is to help people find jobs and opportunities in
Remote, at-home training has been one of the strong trends to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. While individual gym work or strength training works for at-home there are a lot of athletes in sport that need the specific feedback to maintain their skills. Ultimately watching and mimicking YouTube videos without the tailored feedback and
Sports clubs and federations have become clued into the age of personalising the fan journey, understanding their interests, how they engage with the club and more. To do this requires a lot of data from a lot of touch points. Sports Alliance helps clubs gather and organise their in-house fan data across multiple platforms to
Based in the Netherlands, emerging cricket technology startup Ludimos is driven to develop digital technologies that are accessible for cricketers at all levels and locations, whether it’s the major ICC Test playing nations or the dozens of ICC associate nations who are emerging in the sport. The company’s tech stack encompasses video coaching tools to develop
In part-one of our interview with Future Golf’s Ali Terai we discussed the genesis of the platform and the desire to tackle the problem of ushering people into golf. We carry on our discussion by discussing Future Golf’s platform, company philosophy and vision and the challenges of growing a startup. You’re a digital-first company. The
For the uninitiated golf may seem like a difficult path to pursue. It can seem daunting or tricky to enter the system, participate and get involved in the sport. There wasn’t anything accessible to bring people into the sport and keep within the golfing ecosystem. Future Golf is an Australia-wide golfing platform that provides a community for people to

In Conversation with Richard Pybus

This is part-three of a trilogy of conversations with international cricket coach Richard Pybus. Parts one and two were recorded as videocasts by our good friends at Sportageous. Check those conversations out and then jump back into part-3. In this part, we delved into the mindset of coaching, motivating players and how it can be
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Moving past the halfway point of HYPE Sports Innovation’s Global Virtual Accelerator (GVA) we checked back in with the program’s co-creator Ryan McCumber to see how the accelerator has progressed, his thoughts and the biggest winners. With 20 startups running pilots across 13 partners, now including German Bundesliga club 1. FC Koln, each partner have
As Australia inches its way to community and grassroots sport getting underway (and we say this very cautiously given that flare ups of COVID-19 cases occurring again), we talked to another technology player who have some of the tools to help clubs and organisations who are ready to play. In this conversation we talked to
One of the big challenges for all teams is to get a full picture of their fan base. Who follows them and where from? The problem with having so many social media followers is that they exist outside of a team’s direct communication channels which can make it seem like those fans and followers are
While we recently interviewed Rosterfy’s co-founder Shannan Gove to get some insights into the company and where the company’s future lies, we were prompted to go back to Rosterfy by a recent ABC article featuring the company. So we checked in with their other co-founder Bennett Merriman to understand how their technologies that applied to
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The global sports market is worth a whopping 488 billion USD and encompasses 97 per cent of the world’s population, according to a 2018 study. Perhaps it’s no surprise that innovators in the field are constantly on the lookout for ‘the next big thing’. Esports, wearable technology, and virtual reality are all emerging verticals in the
Combining netball and gym classes, NETFIT Netball is a dual digital and physical program designed to get girls and young women active. Featuring workout videos, fitness plans, coaching drills and wellbeing tips delivered in a short and sharp fashion by some of netball’s most well-known names. NETFIT’s content is delivered via its broadcast network for

Don’t Look Back 007: Just Play

In this edition of Don’t Look Back, we go back to speak to the CEO of Just Play, David Argyle, who gave us his perspective on how his company handled the pandemic and the state of play. They’re one of the Australian sports companies who is becoming a leader in the ‘Digitisation of Australian sports’
As social distancing guidelines ease, many sports fans have focused their attention on professional sport, like the return of the AFL this past week. But for the average Australian, their focus is on something else: the return of community sport. The reality of the situation is that local sports clubs were in danger of closing,
Australia is a horse racing-mad community when it comes to betting and fan engagement. The thoroughbred racing industry in Australia contributes an annual $9.5 billion to the economy, and figures from Racing Australia suggest there are approximately 159,000 individuals involved in thoroughbred racing, including over 100,000 racehorse owners. That’s a lot of people to be organised. And for
We bring you a series of interviews with the 10 companies accepted into Startupbootcamp’s Sports & EventTech cohort. In this edition we talked to the CEO of Humense Scott O’Brien. Before I started recording you brought up the genesis of how Humense goes back almost two decades. What your company is developing, are we ready
Combining the power of sports and academics, SportsHi is a high school student-athlete network where members empower each other to be engaged with sports and their wider community. Founded by Alex Miles, SportsHi’s purpose is to give more high school students a chance at higher education. He recognised the problems that youths were having with